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I'm a perfectly imperfect mess of a wife, mom,
farmer, teacher and entrepreneur.

 Unlike pretty much all of Carroll County, I was not born and raised here. I was born in Georgia and moved around a ton growing up (13 different schools before I graduated). My feet finally grew roots when I met my hubby back in 2009 and he turned me into a true Carroll County farm girl.


I had zero knowledge of farming before but I fell in love with the way of life. When you're dating a grain farmer, they are busy 7 days a week during their busy seasons which means if I wanted to see my farmer, I was in the fields. Date nights spent eating warm dinners in the cab of a tractor, planting corn, playing 90's country. Of course our wedding we had to have a few tractors in the background. And then climbing those combine stairs when you're 9 months pregnant carrying a toddler were always fun. Now those same fields we fell in love in share even greater memories with our two farm loving boys. From taking naps in the combine to remembering how many loads they dumped in the grain cart to now daddy letting them drive. Pure magic is a nice way to describe it. 

When we started having babies, I stayed home and did some bookkeeping from home. I also helped whenever I was needed. Whether it was a parts run, delivering meals, to learning to run some equipment myself and taking care of the cows. I'm not really much of a sitter and as a charter member of "The Real Housewives of Union Bridge" (Where you at Bravo?) I always swore we needed fresh produce in our town. We had an old running gear laying around and the guys at the farm helped me build a produce wagon. In 2018 I made my Maiden Voyage and never looked back. I stocked the wagon with an abundance of our own home grown veggies and purchased other produce from local farmers, gardeners, orchards and wholesalers.

I don't know exactly where my road will lead, but I know I'm glad I'm not in it alone and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be in it with my little family and equally thankful for my loyal customers. I believe all our dreams matter and one of my biggest dreams is that everyone else would believe it, too. 

Evan & Lucy at Jake & Bridgetts Wedding.
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Evan, Lucy & boys on bridge.jpg
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